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Elitism in Singapore: A Philosophical Perspective  

By: Timothy Cheah “It’s a small place, no more than a total of those within the ages thirty to forty-five, at the most 800 people. We can put them all into one little lap-top computer, all the basic data.” -Lee Kuan Yew, on Singaporeans qualified to govern (STW, 1 September 1990)   When John Adams, second [...]

The End Of Privacy by Timothy Cheah

In Parliament a fortnight ago, the Education Minister, Heng Swee Keat, expressed his “concern and disappointment” at the conduct displayed by ‘sex tape scholar’ Alvin Tan. Such behaviour was, according to the Minister, “reprehensible and unbecoming of a scholar”. The damning appraisal was well-calibrated; it contained an appropriate mix of moral opprobrium and paternal concern, [...]

Deconstructing Environmentalism by Maxine Chen

The Environmentalist should not be given a class of his/her own   I have a theory that there are different prototypes of the “epic person” – the friend-of-a-friend who is known for doing something – and these prototypes are replicated in different social circles around the world. The Person who takes Photos of her Food [...]

The Unexpected Maverick, by Vignesh Kumar s/o Kumanan

As the longest serving president Singapore has had, there are bodyguards appropriately stationed outside S R Nathan’s office at the School of Social Sciences. Nestled amongst the oft visited professors we wait just moments before we are ushered into his office despite arriving early. As it happens, any tension is dissipated with a ready smile [...]

Where Angels Fear To Tread by Dominic Foo

  “As Catholics, we have an obligation to raise our voices on behalf of those who cannot, taking action to correct injustices in our society and promote Christian values through our own actions. In thinking about the Singapore we want for our future, we ourselves must take action in working towards a society where the [...]

“…one united people?” by Lee Yue Lin

Singapore’s birthday has come and gone. Generally speaking, I have never been too bothered about the nation’s birthday, and this year was no different. The national day banners have been taken down and swiftly replaced with advertisements for the most recent event that the swanky Marina Bay area played host to– the F1 Grand Prix. [...]

The Crust And The Crumbs by Jason Tan

A strong (over)emphasis on growth means that our society shall always face the conundrum of the 99% versus the 1%. Even without raucous demonstrations and fervent “Occupy” movements, growing inequality is a problem; a yawning chasm that the Government attempts to bridge with social safety nets and welfare handouts. However, the influx of global talent [...]

Misogyny, Slut Shaming and the Perpetuation of Rape Myths by Debra Chua

The recent debacle revolving around Xiaxue has cast light on the insidious pervasiveness of misogyny that is still prevalent even in liberal and developed nations like Singapore. AWARE, or at least their representatives on Facebook, have thrown their gauntlet down as well, by taking the stance that, Xiaxue is, “waging a one-woman war against online [...]

Nation in action by Ngui Jian Gang

For me, taking the train usually involves great internal moral conflict. More often than not, young and virile people sit down comfortably while the pregnant, handicapped, elderly or parents carrying toddlers stand and watch, especially when the trains are crowded and more uncomfortable. Anyone with a functional conscience knows that this is wrong, but ‘doing [...]

You’ve Gotta Be Tripping by Timothy Cheah

Chinese professor argues that use of psychedelic drugs may not be a bad thing. “Can this society be more open”, Associate Professor Shi Yuzhi wrote, ostensibly in reference to China, implicitly in reference to Singapore, “to not immediately dismiss the use of psychedelic drugs?” Shi then invoked the iconic Steve Jobs, the late Apple CEO. [...]