About Us


The Singapore Globalist was founded in December 2010 with the vision of creating a platform that would engage young Singaporeans on global issues and inspire our generation – in the words of Cecil Rhodes – to “fight the world’s fight”. As the first home-grown, student-run global affairs publication, we cover everything from local affairs to international issues, from poverty in Singapore to the impact of social media in the Philippines. Our writers, all undergraduates themselves, explore issues they are passionate about and each works closely with our editors to bring their work to fruition. Together, we seek to lend a unique voice to discussions on what’s happening at home and abroad.

But most importantly, we want The Singapore Globalist to be a conversation. We want it to be a conversation where people share perspectives and debate the issues of our day. We want it to be a conversation that informs and inspires its participants to be responsible global citizens and to make a difference.

About The Team

Jonathan WongJonathan is currently a third-year student studying Political Science and Business Management at Singapore Management University. He has watched way too many movies, thinks Robin van Persie is right up there with Benedict Arnold as the worst traitor in history, and has visiting North Korea on his bucket list.

“Starting The Singapore Globalist was bringing to fruition an idea I believe deeply in. I wanted to create a platform that brings together students from tertiary institutions across Singapore and gives them the opportunity to make their voices heard on global issues.”

Timothy CheahTim is uncomfortable with providing a description of himself because he finds it too bourgeois. He delights in the cadence of the word ‘Methamphetamine’ and repeats it over and over again when he has trouble falling asleep.

“As an Editor of The Singapore Globalist, what warms my heart is knowledge in the existence of fellow comma-abusing, grammatically-challenged souls who care so very deeply about the many curiosities the World has on offer.”


Victoria studies law and business management at Singapore Management University. She rejoices in the beauty of words that outlive their authors, but feels vaguely unimpressed by “methamphetamine”. She thinks retirement in a Fallingwater-like house on a cliff in Japan sounds blissful.

“Being part of TSG is good for the soul. I enjoy interacting with and picking the brains of our writers, from competitive cyclists to garang photojournalists to the Everyman who is just trying to articulate a vision for a better world.”

Stephanie FooStephanie is a third-year political science major at the National University of Singapore. When not debunking the crazy idea that Pol sci majors become politicians, Stephanie enjoys the endorphins from jogging, and boggling her mind with life’s big questions.

“Coming onboard TSG has been such a learning experience. For one,having to look through and comment on articles of various writing styles has certainly helped my analytical skills. But beyond the technicalities, I am proud to be part of a team that not only has something to say, but is willing to take that further step to be heard.”

Shuna KhooShuna studies Finance and Psychology in Singapore Management University and attempts to tell people that’s her way of finding ‘all-roundedness’ in the education system. She dreams of traveling the world one day (i.e. Has loads of money in her pocket) and settle down as the boss of a café. And oh, she is a horrible caffeine addict.

“Creating The Singapore Globalist is my attempt to help this generation of Singaporeans, including myself, be more global citizens. Only a well-informed person knows where he stands globally and how fortunate he is, and that’s a great motivation to create change in society. A change that I’ll like to see.”

Noriana ProftNoriana is a third-year Political Science and Corporate Communication major in Singapore Management University. She frequently veers between being a proud American and a die-hard Singaporean (PR), particularly when her fellow countrymen do silly things like support weapons possession. She is an unabashed fan of BBC period dramas and, when she is not conversing in both Ameri-slang and good ‘ol Singlish, desperately yearns to be part of English aristocracy.

“I love the small community TSG has built. Our team of editors and writers are intelligent, passionate and visionary youth who believe that our generation needs to be more engaged with the world, that it is no longer a choice. The writers we publish are a diverse bunch who each carry a perspective that is unique, personal, and important. It’s our job to let them be heard.”

Chee Hui MingHui Ming is a third-year Sociology major at the National University of Singapore who recently discovered her love for Freud. At other times, she’s unapologetic for her love for overpriced coffee and obsession with American pop culture. Despite having a diploma in Mass Communication, she’s still partially convinced she’ll never make it in the media industry because of her tendency to over-think every little word (she spent half an hour  re-editing this blurb).

“I joined the TSG team with hopes to ultimately be part of its positioning as a platform for the real national conversation for anyone who desires a voice. I’m proud to be part of a team that has a vision that genuinely involves our generation, and I’m excited to see where this takes us.”